What kind of cell phone would Iron Man use? Well, depending on which movie or commercial you watch, it's either an LG (the original movie), an HTC (based on Robert Downey Jr.'s nonsensical brand representation), or an impossible transparent super-sci-fi gadget phone (Iron Man 2). But the ultimate fan of Marvel's movies would definitely use the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition, with a unique gold-on-red color scheme to match the suit. And just in case people don't get the hint, it's also got a huge Iron Man helmet decal on the back and a custom Avengers software theme.


Samsung has made the Iron Man Edition official, with a release in the company's home turf of South Korea planned for tomorrow, May 27th, and China and Hong Kong releases next month. This is a completely customized 64GB Galaxy S6 Edge phone, not to be confused with the Avengers-themed cases on offer elsewhere. The special edition package comes with a customized wireless charging dock that looks like Iron Man's arc reactor chest plate, plus a free clear case and headphones.


The "hot rod red" color and gold trim is pretty snazzy even without the Marvel branding, but I have to say that the super-customized software would get old after a while - even the phone dialer and SMS apps are infused with Avengers graphics. At the moment there's no word of a price, but considering that the standard 64GB S6 Edge costs over $900 USD, I suspect this one might not appeal to those of us who aren't billionaire playboy philanthropists. There's also no mention of a wider release, so maybe it's just as well.