Roman Nurik works for Google, but he also develops really cool (and free) Android apps from time to time. He's the man behind Dash Clock, Muzei, and now the FORM Watch Face for Android Wear. You can grab it right now and enjoy it all on its own, or you can take advantage of the sweet Muzei functionality.

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The FORM watch face is based on the typeface created for Google's FORM 2014 conference. It has a very material design vibe, as you can probably tell from the screens. The digits have a funky shape, but are still perfectly readable. The animation when they change is neat too.

There are no extra things on the watch face like battery, weather, or notification count. All you really get in the way of settings is a list of selectable colors. If you're using the Muzei live wallpaper, though, you can pick that as your watch face backdrop. It will automatically update with the current image and choose the accent color of the numbers based on it.


Nurik points out in a post on Medium that this is the sort of thing that only works on Android. There are a number of different APKs contributing to the final watch face, and many of them don't know about the others—they don't have to. You should check out his full explanation of the Android application microcosm.

FORM Watch Face
FORM Watch Face
Price: Free