Google has decided to bless us with some free stuff, as they are apt to do. This time, you can own each of 12 episodes of shows on Comedy Central by just heading over there and grabbing them, free of charge. Each episode comes from a different program, which is probably just the network trying to give people a reason to get familiar with their offerings. Google, on the other hand, wants to remind you that the Play Store is a good option to buy this sort of thing.

Here's what's on offer:

  • Key & Peele, Season 4 - Episode 1: "Alien Imposters"
  • Big Time in Hollywood, FL, Season 1 - Episode 1: "Severance"
  • Nathan For You, Season 1 - Episode 1: "Yogurt Shop/Pizzeria"
  • Kroll Show, Season 3 - Episode 1: "Gigolo H-O-R-S-E"
  • Drunk History, Season 1 - Episode 1: "Washington D.C."
  • Workaholics, Season 1 - Episode 1: "Piss & S**t"
  • This Is Not Happening, Season 1 - Episode 1: "Brain on Drugs"
  • RENO 911!, Season 6 - Episode 1: "Training Day"
  • Tosh.0, Season 6 - Episode 1
  • Adam Devine's House Party, Season 2 - Episode 1: "King Cake, Baby!"
  • Chappelle's Show, Season 2 - Episode 1
  • Strangers with Candy, Season 1 - Episode 1: "Old Habits, New Beginnings"

There's a nice mixture of new and old, good and bad, and inappropriate versus wildly inappropriate. If you're looking for recommendations, Key & Peele is still running and offers something for everyone. Strangers with Candy was cancelled in 2000 but has the acting and writing duo of Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert, making it a cult classic. If you like gross and immature humor, check out Workaholics.

Of course, they're all free, so you can figure these things out for yourself. Follow the source link to get the goodies.