The latest update to Google Keep doesn't add a whole lot, but if you're used to adding reminders based on location, you might notice a new feature. Now when adding a location-based reminder to a Keep note you'll be treated to a new Google Maps screen, allowing you to see the spot on the map rather than guessing at a text-only address. Here's the difference:

2015-05-23 16.55.21 2015-05-23 17.00.14 2015-05-23 17.00.27

Left: old UI. Center and right: new UI.

Once you enter a location, no matter how general, a screen with an embedded Google Map pops up. You can then move the location around at will, allowing you to more precisely select exactly where Keep will remind you.

The only other addition to the change log for Keep version 3.1.204 is the usual "bug fixes and performance improvements." The Keep Play Store page updated a couple of days ago, but if you still don't have the latest release, it's available on APK Mirror below.


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Version: (3120400)

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Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Google Keep - Notes and Lists
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