T-Mobile is getting in on the Memorial Day sale action with a pretty sweet promotion for customers looking to pick up a new Samsung S6 or S6 Edge. During this weekend only, the Magenta Mavericks will double your storage for free, meaning you can get a 128GB phone for the price of a 64GB one, or the 64GB option for the price of a 32GB device. That's a savings of $80-100 and a pretty solid promotion.

Screenshot 2015-05-23 at 8.22.53 AM

There are a couple of other details worth noting. The sale price is good for all customers, both pre and post paid, though financing is obviously only available for the later group. If you opt for a 32GB model you will not receive a discount, you will get a $50 rebate instead. Only the 64 and 128GB devices are available online, you will have to go to a store if you are looking to grab a 32GB phone.

For those of you who just purchased a new sixth gen Sammy from T-Mo and are feeling a bit aggravated that you didn't know about the promotion, there is some good news. TmoNews is reporting that people who purchased their S6 or S6 Edge before May 23rd, and are still within the 14 day buyer's remorse period, can bring their devices back and exchange them, with no restocking fee, to take part in the sale. I must say, that's pretty nice of you T-Mobile.

The sale lasts only as long as the holiday weekend, so make sure you get your S6 or S6 Edge by Monday if you want to 'Double Your Memory' on T-Mobile's dime.