How do Androids sleep? Why do Androids sleep? I wouldn't know. I do know, however, that if you want to sleep like them, you can get the help of an app that rises (or lays down) to the task. Sleep as Android helps you fall asleep with lullabies, tracks your sleep cycles, and wakes you up at an optimal time with nature sounds. And it just got a little bit better in this latest update.

sleep-as-android-1 sleep-as-android-2

Google Fit integration will let you sync your sleep data to/from Fit, automatically import your sport sessions from Fit, and grab your night walking into the app. The latter part should mark you as awake when you get up at 2am to drink or hit the bathroom.

sleep-as-android-3 sleep-as-android-4 sleep-as-android-5

Here's the entire list of Google Fit features:

  • Upload your sleep data into Google Fit
  • Download 3rd party sleep data from Fit into Sleep as Android
  • Automatic synchronization of the #sport tag based on your fitness activity recorded in Google Fit
  • Automatic import of walking sessions during the night (considered as awake, not considering sleep walking :) )


Sleep as Android also added Pebble Time support, allowing you to track your sleep sessions with Pebble's latest smartwatch. The app is free in the Play Store with a few IAPs that unlock additional functionality.

  • Thanks:
  • Adam Wright