Some of Sony's older hardware (well, relatively speaking, anyway) is getting updated to Lollipop today. If you own an Xperia Z (LTE model), Xperia ZR (LTE model), Xperia ZL, or Xperia Tablet Z, all released in 2013, check your status bar for an over-the-air update. According to Xperia Blog and the always-reliable XDA, all four of these devices are being upgraded as of now. As usual, it may take a few days or even a week or two for the rollout to reach you.


Image source: XDA user ryany57

The various models range from prolific to somewhat niche, but it seems like the updates are going out to most or all countries simultaneously. As always, any root-level modifications made to your phone or tablet's software may cause problems for an OTA update. Also note that after upgrading to Lollipop, any future updates (including small maintenance OTAs) will absolutely fail after any system modifications.

Sony might not be the swiftest manufacturer around when it comes to Android updates, but at least these phones and tablet are getting them. HTC has declined to update some of its hardware released less than a year ago. Sony has committed to updating the entire Xperia Z line to Android 5.0, and it looks like they're getting pretty close.