Android app drawers come in all shapes and sizes, but most stick to the same basic formula. There's a homescreen with apps, folders, and widgets. Everything else is tucked away inside the app drawer.

Well, that isn't the case with Hexy. This experimental third-party launcher takes the apps that would otherwise be in your drawer and dumps them all over your homescreen. There they reside in a sea of hexagonal tiles. If you've ever seen an Apple Watch and thought there's a method of managing apps I can get behind, here's your chance.

Hexy3 Hexy1

In the center of the screen there's a group of hexagons that contain your most used apps. It's surrounded by other clusters that organize icons by their colors. If you don't have time to look around for the app you want, the search bar at the top lets you filter things down. There's a separate screen where you can keep your widgets, and that's where the customization options end.

Hexy2 Hexy4 Hexy5

Hexy is a product of SwiftKey Greenhouse, SwiftKey's incubator for creative ideas that may not amount to much somewhere down the line. Play around with it if you're interested. That's probably all the developers are doing.

Hexy Launcher
Hexy Launcher
Developer: SwiftKey Greenhouse
Price: Free