There isn't a person reading this site that hasn't already heard of eBay. The site has been around since the 90s and allows folks to buy and sell stuff all over the world. Now the company is working on a service that lets people sell exclusively in their local area. It's called Close5, and it's now available for Android. Unfortunately, most of us can't use it just yet.

Close5 currently only serves the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, and Las Vegas. The app provides the ability to sign in with your Facebook account, list an item, message privately with a potential buyer, and arrange a meetup in a public place to complete the sale.

Close5-1 Close5-2 Close5-3

The app has been around for a few months, but the launch has been quiet, and eBay is still getting the word out. Play Store reviews thus far have been all over the place. Considering I live on the opposite side of the US, I can't take the service for the spin myself. But here's a link to the Play Store for those of you who can.