"F" is kind of an awkward name for a line of products. In the rankings of glamorous Latin letters which I just made up in my head, it sits somewhere between Q (just an O that's trying too hard) and P (even more lopsided, and it doesn't get the stability of the bipedal R). But whatever the reason, LG decided it was a really apt way to distinguish some one-off American carrier tablets from its regular G series. Meet AT&T's LG G Pad F 8.0. Eff, that's awkward.

The tablet will go on sale starting May 29th for $149.99 with a two-year contract, or $12.50 a month on the interest-free installment plan, which comes out to $250 after twenty months. The contract-free price should be about the same. The 8-inch tablet uses an "HD+" screen (not a standard resolution, but often shorthand for the odd 1600x900), an included stylus, and a full-sized USB port. You don't see those on many Android tablets, so presumably it's intended for standard PC accessories and external storage.

Underneath is an underpowered Snapdragon 400 (no RAM spec available), a 5MP rear camera, 16GB of storage plus MicroSD slot, and a 4200mAh battery. AT&T doesn't say what version of Android the G Pad F 8.0 is using, but it looks like LG's take on Lollipop. The tablet also comes with "QPair," which will allow it to answer calls and texts on a paired AT&T phone.