We've seen the Wi-Fi model, the T-Mobile model, and the AT&T model updated with Android 5.0, now it's time for the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 to get its turn. The update info for the SM-T807V has appeared on Samsung's support site, which means that the update should (hopefully) start going out to customers before the end of the day. This is Android 5.0.2, for those who are interested.

Unlike Verizon's typical update PDFs, Samsung's site doesn't list any information beyond the software version number (T807VVRU1BOD2) and the date. Other carriers have had few changes to make beyond the obvious enhancements of Lollipop itself, and even the Wi-Fi model only got the usual "stability improvements" with 5.0.2. Based on Samsung's other updates, you can expect the download to weigh in at about a gigabyte, so heading for a Wi-Fi hotspot is a good idea even if Verizon allows a true over-the-air download.

Verizon's hardware comes with locked bootloaders, so I doubt many Galaxy Tab S 10.5 users have rooted their tablets. But if you have, getting it back to stock before flashing an update is generally recommended. And since it took about seven months for the update from 4.4 to 5.0, I wouldn't hold my breath for a 5.1 update any time soon.

Here's Verizon's official update document (PDF). It mentions a new download feature, but otherwise there's nothing on top of the usual Lollipop features.