There are certain things that should be done on a smartwatch, and certain things that should not. Ever. Under any circumstances. Yet, here we are with a Gmail client for Android Wear from the developer of AIDE. I guess we should take a look at it.


With the regular Gmail integration on Wear, you can read through your mail and reply by voice, emoji, or canned phrases. The new Wear Mail Client for Gmail has a full QWERTY keyboard, attachment viewing, and clickable links that are fed into the developer's Wear web browser. You can only see a little bit of the keyboard at a time, so it scrolls side to side. This is not fun.

If you accept the premise, Wear Mail Client for Gmail seems to do its job just fine. It's snappy and messages are sent properly. You can't fault the developer for that, it just seems so, so unnecessary to me. If you want to test it yourself, the basic functionality is free. A small in-app purchase unlocks a few more features like custom card layouts and canned responses.

Mail client for Wear OS watches
Mail client for Wear OS watches
Developer: appfour
Price: Free+