After announcing the launch of its US Mi Store recently, Xiaomi has flipped the switch and is ready to sell you things. Although, "sell" isn't quite accurate—nothing is in stock at the moment. You still won't be able to buy a Xiaomi phone in the US, but it's something at least.


Instead of the phones people are excited about, you can get a fitness band, a battery, some headphones, or a different battery. The batteries come in 5,000 and 10,400mAh capacities for $9.99 and $13.99. respectively. The Mi Band fitness tracker is $14.99 and can run for a month without being recharged. For $79.99 Xiaomi will sell you a pair of headphones that look suspiciously similar to the $600 Grado Ps500e headphones.


The Mi Store also has listings for the Mi Pad, various phones, and the Mi TV. Presumably these are the sort of things that will be available in the US store later. Maybe.