Yep, Maps for Android Wear, it's happening! A few of you have already spotted the icon in your Wear launchers if you're running the new Maps 9.9 APK and Android Wear 5.1+, you should be able to get Maps for Android Wear fully up and running... mostly.

It's a bit crashy for me and certain things don't work sometimes, like nearby places. But the UI is just what you'd expect - zoom in and out buttons (thankfully), a compass / locator button, and nearby places are basically your major features. I've just started playing with the app, so I don't have much else for you yet, but here are some pictures. Pinch to zoom works - barely on this tiny round screen, and you can move around the map using your finger like you would on your phone. It's pretty basic for now, but it's definitely a nice little feature to add to the Wear repertoire.

When will it be officially released? Hard to say - but "very soon" sounds like a good bet.