Samsung has a new activity sharing service for Android, and you can try the beta version right now. Well, actually... you probably can't. Flow Beta requires you to have two newer Samsung devices to send activities between. If you don't the requisite phones or tablets, Flow won't do anything. Even if you do, Flow still doesn't accomplish much in its present form.

Here's the premise of Flow: you're looking at a webpage, directions, or some content in an app. Then you think, "Hey, I should do this on my other Samsung device." You can use Flow to shoot that activity over to said device via Bluetooth. You can also add it to a list of tasks to pick up later. Samsung would like developers to build Flow buttons into apps (seems unlikely), but for now it's mainly going to show up in the Android share menu.

If you're thinking this sounds like a poor man's Pushbullet, that's about right. Flow works over Bluetooth rather than the internet, which could be useful at times. However, it only does links and app intents. I don't see any way to push files, but it would be over a pokey Bluetooth connection even if you could. Flow has support for a few interesting "deeper" links in specific parts of supported apps or syncing progress in the Samsung video player. This really only becomes interesting if app developers support these more workflow-oriented actions.

Flow only works on the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy Alpha, Note 4, Galaxy S5, and Tab S tablets right now. This is still a beta app, so maybe it will expand in both compatibility and functionality later.

The app was not found in the store. :-(