Everything is better with a night mode. Android apps. Dimmer switches. Enthusiast tech blogs. Fast food drive-through menus. Taking this irrefutable and universal fact and applying it to the feature-rich Opera Mini browser is a no-brainer, so that's exactly what the developers did. But don't get too excited: the new Night Mode doesn't affect the colors or layout of web pages, as some other apps do. Nope, it's just custom brightness settings and a slightly yellow color filter if you enable the "reduce eye strain" setting.

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Other changes are small. Once a page loads, you'll see its title in the combined URL/ search bar. Don't worry, the URL is still there, just tap it to expose and highlight the full text. It's an interesting choice that makes sense given Opera's two-tap tab structure on mobile. Opera Mini can now sync open tabs and bookmarks placed on the Speed Dial page. Naturally you'll need to have an Opera account to enable syncing across devices.

Opera Mini - fast web browser
Opera Mini - fast web browser
Developer: Opera
Price: Free