Remember the deal from yesterday where you could get a Samsung Galaxy S5 for $315 from eBay? Well, that 10% off coupon works for a whole lot more stuff now. You can apply it to anything eBay recognizes as "tech", including big ticket items like the Galaxy S6 for $599 post-discount and the One M8 for $243.


In case you missed the fine print, you have to spend at least $200 and the maximum discount is $50. This is why the S6 is $599 rather than $585. To use it, just apply the code CDTECH10 at checkout. Here's a selection of Android phone deals you may want to look at from this promotion:

Remember for the Moto X or any other cheaper phone you find on eBay, your total order will have to be $200 to use the discount. On the bright side, it discounts each item in your cart (I tested). Now that you know, go forth and multi-buy!