Most of the user interface additions to Android 5.0 and higher are welcome, but one of the more notable losses is the ability to embed widgets on the lockscreen. The new placement of notifications in that space has left no room for widgets. That's not a huge problem, but it does require some adjustment if you're used to getting at that information in a very specific way. Developer Udell Enterprises hopes to fix that with an app called, appropriately, Notifidgets.

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Notifidgets creates a semi-permanent notification that contains the widget or widgets of your choice. This allows you to access said widget without unlocking your device. Just about any widget can be embedded in the notification bar with this app, though some are naturally more appropriate than others. The widgets are mostly static, but at least some degree of interactivity is present: the Gmail widget won't scroll through messages, but you can open individual messages or start a new one by tapping the appropriate areas.

The notification only shows one widget at a time, and widgets can be scrolled through with the arrow buttons. Notifidgets is a free download, but after a reasonable seven day trial period you'll have to pay $1 via in-app purchase to continue using it.

Price: Free+