Samsung is quite chummy with Marvel lately, and that apparently goes beyond cases and (very ugly) TouchWiz themes. The Samsung Electronics Twitter account has just posted a little teaser for an Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 Edge. That could either be really cool or really gaudy.

The image only shows the packaging, but we can probably guess what the device will look like. I'd bet the aluminum edge will be gold and the front/rear glass panels will be red. There might be some sort of Marvel branding on there someplace too. It will probably have the gross Avengers theme applied to the UI by default. Maybe now Iron Man himself (Robert Downey Jr.) can stop using that HTC One M7. It only makes sense he'd use an Iron Man phone, right?

There's no guarantee you'll be able to purchase it easily in your region, though. Additionally, Samsung doesn't sell unlocked devices directly in the US, so it would probably be up to carriers to offer the device here. We'll have to wait and see who's selling it and where.

Tweet deleted

Samsung has deleted the original tweet and image, which is pretty odd. Luckily, we have the image right here. Maybe they simply jumped the gun?