When you're stranded in deep space after your ship has gone kaput, there isn't much hope for you. It doesn't matter how many other survivors there are. You're all as good as dead. Fortunately, you and your team made a promise. No one dies alone.

So gather as many survivors as you can and fly into the nearest sun. It's the humane thing to do. According to Noodlecake's most recently-published title, that is.


Sunburn! is a game about survival... surviving just long enough to die. As you navigate asteroid fields to find your friends, you will dodge comets and other obstacles in order to reach everyone before your oxygen runs out. You can't die yet, not when that could mean someone being left behind to suffocate in the cold emptiness of space.


Sunburn! comes from Secret Crush, a three person studio founded by NYU Game Center MFA alumni. The game originally began as a school project. Try not to read too much into the sense of isolation and hopelessness that could inspire a college student to come up with such an idea. Here, watch the trailer instead.

Sunburn! costs $2.99, and there are no in-app purchases. That alone is reason to hold on just a bit longer.

Price: $2.99