At this point, the words "OnePlus One" and "touchscreen issues" seem to be almost synonymous on our site. You can't mention one without the other being brought up after all the annoyed reports from users, promises of solutions, so-called "fixes" being rolled out, only to be followed by an emerging set of new issues and vows by OnePlus like a snake that sheds its skin only to regrow another one. But that may be over. And I use italics here, because if you read the comments on OnePlus' forum and Reddit, you'd think a miracle just happened and we're about to canonize Steve Kondik while he's still alive. But past experience has told us to be wary of any categorical assurance regarding OnePlus' touchscreens. So we're cautiously optimistic. This may be it, people.

The related commits have been updated on Cyanogen's site: #98287 for the TPK display panel and #98294 for the Truly panel. They have been merged into the latest CyanogenMod nightly (296MB) for the OnePlus One, but can also be applied by only flashing the updated kernel in this boot image (6.46MB) if you were already on a compatible nightly build. And the result? Magical. You don't have to take our word for it, just check the enthusiastic testimonials below:

hoppy785: I just flashed nightly 5.14 with new boot.img.... Zero ghost swipes. X-axis problem totally gone. Touch screen feels better than it ever has. Phone is very hot due to it updating lots of apps and it is sunny out. Honestly didn't believe them, but they fixed it.

tigobrata: WOOOOOHOOOOOO it bleeping works!!! no more X axis problem, freaking great.

jetknife: I just flashed this boot.img (fastboot flash boot boot.img) and my touchscreen is working perfectly again!! I'm was skeptical, but I'm amazed, the difference is night & day.

liberta0407: Holy shit. I didn't realise how bad my screen was until I installed this kernel. I could never type fast as the keyboard would press the wrong letters, wasn't too noticeable but things just didn't feel right.

Marian M: I was suffering really bad from heat related touchpanel issues (TPK Panel). After flashing a custom kernel with these fixes all my issues are gone. It is unbelievable, the display never has been so responsive.

According to Steve Kondik, you won't have to be on the bleeding edge of CM 12.1 nightlies to get these fixes. Soon, CyanogenMod will release a stable 5.0.2 (CM 12) Cyanogen will release a stable Cyanogen OS 12 (CM 12S) build based on Android 5.0.2 that includes the changes seen here along with a few others, so that users don't have to wait for a stable 12.1 to get them.

As for those who are affected by the touchscreen issues and are running Oxygen OS, I guess the wait and pestering of OnePlus' developers for an update starts now.

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