You probably didn't rush out to get an HTC phone for the ability to create Zoe videos. There's a decent chance you've never even clicked on the pre-installed app. But if you did and found that HTC's social video-sharing experience is for you, then so is the latest update. It adds Chromecast support.

You know the routine by now. A Chromecast icon has appeared in the action bar, and Zoe will notify you of its presence the first time you open the app following the update. Tap it to send highlight videos to your TV.

Zoe1 Zoe2


Aside from that, this update lets you reorder the content you pack into your Zoe clips. So you don't just get to choose what photos and videos go in, you can select the order. Makes sense.

Like a Zoe, the changelog below provides the highlights of what you want to see. The app isn't an HTC exclusive anymore, so if you like what's there, scroll down to the widget underneath.

What's New:

  • Chromecast support. Stream Zoes directly to your Chromecast-enabled devices.
  • Content reordering. Choose which photos and videos to include in your Zoe, and the order in which they are shown.
  • Streamlined uploads. Easily retry uploads if the network connection is interrupted.

Developer: HTC Creative Labs
Price: Free