Version 5.5 of Google+ is straightforward. About as straightforward as it gets, really. So let's just get to it.

What's New

When you select the help option at the bottom of the drop-down menu, the app will no longer shoot you out to a help page tucked inside a web browser. Now you can view that same content directly inside the app. The posts won't look drastically different, but at least Google+ will stop passing you around like a basketball downcourt.

Google+1 Google+2

Left: old, Right: new.

As you may have noticed, the top level topics aren't the same on the Google Help website as those that appear inside the app. No matter. If you perform a search, the same content comes up.

Google+3 Google+4

All of the other changes we've noticed thus far are too minor to draw attention to. A change of wording here. A few new labels there. If you see anything major, give us a holler.


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