CBS isn't the only network streaming app that's new to the Chromecast scene today. FXNOW, FOXNOW, and HGTV Watch are also ready to stream their content from an Android device to your TV.

Before downloading the apps make sure you know your cable subscriber login information as you will need it if you want access to most of the apps streaming contents. Viewing anything besides a couple of clips and previews on FXNOW and HGTV Watch will require you to verify your cable TV subscription first. FOXNOW also reserves viewing privileges for most of its series for paying customers, but the app does allow users to watch recent episodes of a few select shows, including Empire, Gotham, and The Last Man on Earth, without logging in.


I won't even begin to list the full set of shows offered by the three streaming apps, as they number in the dozens. If you want to see the complete list of series available for each network, then click the app links below to check out their descriptions.

It's great to see content creators continuing to embrace the Chromecast. That little $35 dongle was a great deal when I bought it, but its value continues to increase with every new app that supports it.

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