The Nexus 6 is a massive phone. It's also an expensive one. At $650 for the 32GB model, it costs more than getting two or three Nexus 5s off eBay. But T-Mobile is making things easier for folks enamored with Google's current smartphone by dropping the price down $100. Today you can buy the phone outright for $550 ($549 and 84 cents to be precise).

Screenshot 2015-05-13 at 10.01.48 AM

If monthly payments are more your speed, this discount turns twenty-four monthly payments of $27.08 into two years of $22.91.

The 64GB Nexus 6 is also discounted. You can get it for $599.76, which amounts to $24.99 a month. That makes it cheaper than the 32GB model elsewhere.

Even if you don't want T-Mobile's service, here's your chance to get a Nexus 6 for $100 less than Google's asking price (and $80 less than Amazon's). It should still work on whichever carrier's network you prefer.