Miami-based BLU has made a name for itself by working with overseas partners to design and sell a line of Android devices with solid specs and low price points. We've featured a few of BLU's phones here, but there's always one caveat—KitKat. BLU's phones are still on the previous version of Android, but that starts changing today. Ten phones are now slated to get Lollipop by mid summer.


The company's recently released the Studio X and X Plus after announcing them at CES. These phones are first up for the Lollipop update, which is rolling out right now. Here are the eight other phones in BLU's lineup that will be getting Lollipop soon.

  • Studio G: May 2015
  • Star 4.5: May 2015
  • Studio 6.0 HD: May 2015
  • Life One (2015): July 2015
  • Life One XL: July 2015
  • Vivo Air: July 2015
  • Life 8 XL: July 2015
  • Studio Energy: July 2015

The software should be mostly bone-stock Android with a few small tweaks. They didn't say in the press release, but I assume this will be a 5.0 build of Android. Hopefully they optimized the memory usage as most (all?) BLU phones only have 1GB of RAM.