In order for a circle jerk to work, the stroking has to go both ways. Google did Nestle a solid when it named Android 4.4 after the company's easily-broken-chocolate-bar-sticks. Now Nestle is taking a moment to return the favor. In the UK, the company has replaced Kit Kat branding with the words "YouTube Break" on over 600,000 limited edition wrappers.

The stroking doesn't stop there. Nestle is making this change as part of its "Celebrate the Breakers' Break" campaign, where it pushes Kit Kat eaters to "YouTube My Break." They can do so by pulling out their phones and uttering those words immediately after "OK Google." YouTube will then pull up a playlist of popular videos.

Google isn't the only one Nestle has invited over. This design marks just one of 72 different "breaks" that the company is putting on limited edition Kit Kat wrappers (others include Birthday Break, Office Break, and Rainy Day Break). It says this is the biggest change the chocolate bar's wrapper has seen since coming to market 80 years ago.

If a video has ever made you want to break YouTube, now's your chance.

Press Release


• “YouTube Break” to replace classic KITKAT® logo on over 600,000 limited edition KITKAT packs
• Searching for “KitKat YouTube my break” will enable consumers to discover top trending YouTube videos

12 May 2015 (London): Nestlé and Google have today announced they are joining forces to launch “YouTube my break” limited edition KITKAT® packs, as part of Nestlé’s ‘Celebrate the Breakers Break’ campaign. This is the biggest redesign of the iconic KITKAT® wrapper since the brand came to market 80 years ago.

The words “YouTube break” will replace the KITKAT® logo on over 600,000 limited edition KITKAT® wrappers. This forms one of 72 different types of ‘breaks’ to feature on more than 400 limited edition designs across 2 and 4 finger and Chunky bars as part of the campaign. More than 100 million of these specially designed packs will be produced in total over the course of the campaign.

Through the “YouTube my break” branding, Nestlé and Google aim to help people make the most out of their down time. The campaign is based on the consumer insight that KITKAT® consumers are also YouTube fans, and that the video platform is uniquely placed to provide real time insights into the world’s most watched videos.

On top of the packaging initiative, Nestlé is also using Google’s voice search technology to deliver the world’s most entertaining videos straight to its customers’ mobiles. Searching for “KitKat YouTube my break” on their phone, users will be introduced to a KITKAT® video followed by a playlist of the latest top four trending YouTube videos anytime, anywhere worldwide.

The collaboration between Google and KITKAT® comes after Google named its Android operating system 4.4 update ‘KitKat’ after the well-known Nestlé brand.

David Black, MD Branding & Consumer Markets, Google UK said:

“It’s great to see KitKat consumers are huge fans of YouTube and, along with our 1 billion users, regard YouTube as a favourite source of entertainment.

“With half of YouTube views now on mobile devices, ‘YouTube my break’ is a fun way for more people to interact on the channel and enjoy the best videos available. With up to 300 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute, the top trending videos are likely to be changing all the time, making each new search as exciting as the last.”

Dame Fiona Kendrick, CEO and Chairman of Nestlé UK & Ireland said:

“At Nestlé we’re delighted to be working with Google again. As KitKat celebrates its 80th anniversary and YouTube turns 10 this year, it is really exciting to be taking the partnership to a new phase with our most iconic brand and slogan, ‘Have a break, have a KitKat’.”

“We’re passionate about giving something back to our consumers which lead us to the idea to ‘celebrate the breakers break’. By teaming up with one of the world’s most popular entertainment channels, the ‘YouTube my break’ helps consumers have the most enjoyable break possible.”

So far, the campaign’s dedicated hashtag #mybreak has been moulded into the chocolate of 22 million bars, with the wrappers suggesting various ‘breaks’ including variations from ‘’me time break’ to ‘sporty break’.

KITKAT® continues to be one of the biggest global confectionery brands, with more than 17 billion KITKAT® fingers eaten across the globe each year, with KITKAT® bars sold in more countries than any other confectionery brand.

The limited edition KITKAT® bars are now available in most Nestlé stockists across the UK and Ireland.

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