Swype, at its core, helps us be lazy. Want to type? Don't bother lifting up your thumb. Don't know how to spell? Just get close. Sure, these are only the byproducts of creating an input method that takes the pain out of using touchscreens, but the end result is the same. And things are only getting easier.

The latest update reduces the need to hold down keys with numbers as secondary characters or switch back and forth between alphabetical and numerical keyboards. If you peck away at letters with a number attached, Swype will include numerical values among its suggestions. So you can enter $650 by typing sytp or 2:30 by entering wjep.


This feature tops the list of enhancements, but it's not alone. Swype can now make two-word predictions that attempt to complete phrases. For example, if you type "How," it may suggest "are you."

View the changelog below for the other additions that have kept the Swype team busy.

What's New:

  • Easy number entry - tapping on keys that have numbers as secondary characters will provide a number / symbol suggestion (i.e. tapping “ejqp” suggests “3:10", "swpp" suggests "$200")
  • Phrase prediction - Swype can now predict two-word phrases (ex: entering "How" could predict "are you" )
  • Chinese Cloud Prediction
  • Various crash and bug fixes (thanks for reporting!)

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