Have you guys heard about Listen? It's a pretty rad service for T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers that lets users set custom ringback tones, be it music or a custom message for callers to listen to instead of a ring. It's got some other neat features as well, like Drive Mode, which automatically detects when the phone is in a moving vehicle and plays a message letting callers know that you're currently traveling. It can also auto-reply to SMS messages if you'd like.

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  1. Leonardo Fanfa Pedroso Disqualified due to non-response
  2. New winner: Nick Saunders

On the music side, Listen has a pretty vast catalog for users to choose from. Most of the top artists and popular songs can be found on the service, and you can even customize the ringback for up to five different users. That's good, because I probably wouldn't want my mom having to sit through Cannibal Corpse if she called me. But my friends? Yeah, they'll deal.

The Listen app is free to check out, but the service itself will set you back $3 a month. Not a bad deal, really.

LISTEN Music Ringback Tones
LISTEN Music Ringback Tones

You know what else isn't a bad deal? A free Nexus 6. And it just so happens that Listen has hooked us up with one to give away. It's a 32GB Midnight Blue N6, which will come unlocked directly from Motorola. Fancy.


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