Like a number of other device manufacturers, HTC releases some of its apps into the Play Store. From there, HTC devices can receive updates more quickly than waiting for over-the-air firmware updates. Apps remain exclusively available on the company's hardware, so this does nothing to open them up to more users.

The latest addition is HTC Service - DLNA. To explain this, get ready for a bunch of acronyms. This app is what enables your phone to work with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance Server). The background service lets devices connect via DMR (Digital Media Renderer) to play files stored in DMS (Digital Media Server).


Still with me? Good. This Google Play appearance comes with an update. Here's the changelog.

What's New:

  • Added Trick mode for visual feedback when fast-forwarding and rewinding
  • Removed DLNA mode from Media Link HD

HTC Service - DLNA
HTC Service - DLNA
Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free