Mizuu is a popular app for managing local media files, particularly movies and television shows. While it isn't a player, it still has attracted many fans for its ability to index and retrieve useful metadata by checking videos against a third-party database and presenting the library in a visually attractive way. In spite of that popularity, its lone developer has announced via a blog post that he will be removing Mizuu from the Play Store and ceasing support and updates for the app.

Reasons for doing this are various, but can be summarized as a loss of interest driven partially by health issues. He stated that he did not want to let the app fall into a state of half support as his attention wanders elsewhere. While the impending Play Store removal was not explained in any detail, Mizuu has had several run-ins with Google over minutiae of store policies. The developer probably did not want to be held responsible for whatever the film industry might accuse him of when not even actively maintaining the app.

Still, the app will remain available for download at Mizuu's website (which will stay up for the time being). All of the source code will still be hosted on Github as well, where it has lived since the developer released it to the public about a year ago. The developer also offered an open invitation of sorts for contributors to be added to the project to continue working on the app, though the specifics of how that would work out aren't clear.