Google has been testing lots of tweaks for its mobile search engine results page lately. We've seen colored underlines on results cards and a rather pleasing new layout for the search bar and associated tools, and now a few users are reporting something a little strange - colored dots. We've received multiple reports of search result cards with four dots (colored with Google's signature blue, green, yellow, and red) in the lower right corner.


The colored dots, if you're wondering, didn't seem to do anything when tapped for our original tipsters, but reader Ali notes below that the dots do seem to work just like tapping on the card's URL. Of course, the colored underlines most users currently see on search results don't do much either, but what makes the dots odd (besides the resemblance to the Google Domains logo) is that they appear inside the card itself. Additionally, between the two sets of screenshots we received, the dots appear to be in a different order, though we can't be sure whether Google is testing various combinations or if they simply arrange themselves randomly based on your search. In both cases, the dots' order appeared consistent among all cards on the page.

nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-05-02-12-08-43 nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-05-08-04-07-54

Since the dots don't serve a unique functional purpose and aren't different from card to card, it's hard to say what Google has in mind with this experiment except perhaps an attempt to get its branding across the SERP in a slightly different way. Of course, as with any design-tweak-in-testing, it's impossible to say whether this change will roll out to everyone and become permanent. In the meantime, what do you think of the colored dots?

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