One of the more persistent and frustrating issues with the OnePlus One has been its touchscreen, which saw a spat of problems and firmware fixes late last year. A software update in November seemed to have fixed the glitches, but in the last few weeks dozens of users on the official OnePlus forums have reported a resurgence of touchscreen issues. Perhaps it has something to do with the new Android updates, perhaps it's because of the rising temperatures as spring hits the northern hemisphere. Whatever the cause, OnePlus One owners are steamed.

You can see a typical example of the problem in the video below, uploaded to YouTube two weeks ago. It's hardly the only one; some users have had success with rapidly cooling their phones in a refrigerator.

OnePlus posted its own message to the forum stating that the company's support team was aware of the touchscreen issue and working on a fix. According to a forum administrator the company is working with Synaptics, an OEM supplier of touchscreen hardware and software, to investigate the problems. The post says the update is coming "soon," but in typical OnePlus fashion there are no concrete details.

The problem seems to be affecting users of both the standard CyanogenMod software and the new in-house Oxygen OS. Presumably the firmware update will be applied to both builds.