Let's be honest here: you really don't give a crap about Arbor Day. But if you forget to record the season finale of The Flash, you're going to be out three bucks for a Google Play episode purchase. To help alleviate this first-world problem, Microsoft subsidiary Sunrise Calendar has added hundreds of TV shows across dozens of networks to its "Interesting Calendars" feature, allowing for quick and easy TV scheduling on top of its usual handy interface.

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Right now the feature is wide, but not deep. While the TV selection has most of the popular local and cable television networks and both first-run and syndicated shows on offer, it doesn't seem to be capable of distinction between new episodes and reruns. There are also some strange holes in the lineup; for example, while some of the less obvious cable channels like ABC Family and IFC are available, the nationwide local channel The CW isn't - which means that The Flash finale might indeed escape a careful user's attention. There's also no way to search for shows, a la a set top box. You'll need to dive into the time zone and network settings to find one.

According to the Sunrise Calendar blog, 2,800 stations and 90,000 shows are included for North America and Western Europe at the moment. To add individual calendars, tap the Settings icon, then "Interesting Calendars," then scroll down to the TV section.

The app was not found in the store. :-(