Snapchat 9.7 is here, and it packs two new features. They don't fundamentally change the app. In fact, if you blink you might miss them.

The first item on the changelog deals with snaps highlighted in Discover. If you recall, this is the part of the app that shows content from the likes of CNN and National Geographic. You can now tap and hold on the center to share a clip with friends. Snapchat lets you add a caption, doodles, and filters before sending it off.

Snapchat1 Snapchat2 Snapchat3

The second addition is the ability to zoom into video while you're recording. To do so, drag your finger across the screen. Boom. Sweet, sweet, digital zoom.

What's New:

  • Press and hold on a Snap in Discover to send it to friends!
  • Zoomed videos! While recording a Snap, drag a finger across the screen to zoom.

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free