In the worlds of side-scrolling brawlers, there's no problem you can't solve with your fists. So when the criminal Milkman and his thugs kidnap the Miss Fist Puncher contestants, you know what you must do. That's right, beat up just about everyone that dares to walk the streets of San Cruces. Now you can, in Fist Puncher, the crowdfunded 2D brawler that has found its way into the Play Store.

Why does such a simple, pixelated game cost $10? That's because Fist Puncher's developers have managed to fit a fistful of content deep into the app. There are nearly 20 characters, over 100 items, and over 50 levels. You'll punch people in the alleyway. You'll punch people in a bar. You'll punch people on the rooftops. And you will even punch people on a nude beach.

When your knuckles start to bruise, you're left with other options. You could resort to tasers, guns, and explosives. Or you could pick up the nearest car or animal and lob it at whatever it is you want to punch. Beating people up can be a thinking man's pastime. Thinking men (and, obviously, ladies) may also enjoy the inclusion of upgradeable stats.

NVIDIA has featured Fist Puncher in the SHIELD Hub, Ouya lets you play on its fledgling console, and you can also get the title on Steam. But if you want to play it on an Android phone, tablet, or TV (edit: though the number of supported devices seems to be small at the moment), aim your fist at the link below.

Fist Puncher
Fist Puncher
Developer: Team2Bit
Price: $9.99