You know how the Nexus 9 is still waiting to get the Android 5.1 update? Well, there's an OTA update rolling out right now that isn't Android 5.1. When next you see that glorious system update icon, it'll probably be for a build of Android 5.0.2, which is rolling out right now. Oh, Google.


The OTA is a small bump from 5.0.1 and comes with build number LRX22L. It is only 23MB in size and doesn't appear to make any substantial changes. It's probably mostly little bug fixes. The big stuff is coming in Android 5.1, whenever that happens.

You can grab the OTA at the link below. Note, you'll need to be completely stock to flash it. The same goes for 5.1 whenever that happens.

  • Thanks:
  • Gary Chen,
  • Stefan Bock