What if you could simply draw a shape in the air and your enemies would be incinerated by fireballs? That'd be quite a trick, but it isn't happening in real life. It totally happens in Spellcrafter, though. This strategic RPG has just launched on Android, and it's completely free of in-app purchases. Just buy it once, and it's yours forever.

There are two parts to the gameplay in Spellcrafter. There's the open world to explore that advances the story, then there's the combat interface, which feels a little like XCOM. Your units are on one side of the map, and you take turns moving and attacking to eliminate the enemy force of dark nights, ghosts, and spooky skeletons.

Your main character is a mage, who can cast spells when his turn comes up. You do this by taking a peek at your spell book and finding the right spell. Then you simply draw the shape on the screen and the spell is cast. Once you memorize the shapes, you don't have to open the book at all. It seems like a neat take on RPG gameplay, and you can have it all for $2.99.

Developer: Jujubee S.A.
Price: $1.99