Earn to Die 2 is a game where you drive your car through hordes of undead. I don't need to tell you why that is fun. The first one saw over 5 million installs, so many of you already know what this is about.

The sequel still tasks you with driving your way out of a zombie apocalypse. You will speed through brain-eaters in sports cars and mow them down in trucks. It plays like a physics racers, only your job is to hit things. Things that want to eat you.

There are ten vehicles altogether, which you can upgrade and customize as before. There's also a story mode with a plot, not that there needs to be. You still have to start it up before you're able to do anything else.

The original Earn to Die offered a lite version and a full one for $1.99. The sequel is free with in-app purchases. You can buy virtual currency for upgrades, and any purchase will remove the ads. That aside, you're free not to spend money and still enjoy the full experience. And if you prefer, you can also get the game from the Amazon Appstore.

Earn to Die 2
Earn to Die 2
Developer: Not Doppler
Price: Free+