Google's monthly platform distribution numbers are in, and there's finally a respectable showing for Lollipop. Meanwhile, the remainder of the versions ticked downward as the Android device ecosystem marches slowly into the future.

2015-05-04 16_52_22-Dashboards _ Android Developers

Last month, Lollipop was on a little more than 5% of devices, including both 5.0 and a sliver of 5.1. Version 5.1 is still just a tiny segment (0.7%), but 5.0 has jumped up to 9.0%. We're almost out of the single digits, people. It looks like the plethora of 5.0 updates in recent weeks has really made an impact.

KitKat was at a little over 40% last month, but now it's dropped a few points while remaining slightly more popular than Jelly Bean (all three versions collectively). And of course, Froyo is hanging on stubbornly to the bottom spot with 0.3% of the market (down a tenth). Google won't take anything off until it drops below 0.1% of active devices.