Timeful produces an iOS app of the same name that takes your calendar or to-do list and makes it smarter. The service suggests events to go along with those you create manually. I see you have a meeting at 12. How about spending the hour before working on your presentation? That sort of thing.

In a post to the official Gmail blog today, Google announced that it has acquired Timeful. Going forward, the team will now spend its time working on Google apps.


Google Calendar already creates events based on messages in your Gmail account. This acquisition shows that more expansive predictive capabilities are on the way.

The Timeful app is able to schedule events based on your desires. So if you want to go biking three times a week, it can suggest times based on your work hours. If you want to shop for gifts in time for a friend's birthday, it will try to come up with a good time. We don't have to strain ourselves to picture Calendar, Inbox, and Search doing the same. Why create your own reminders when Google can make them for you?

The iOS app will continue to exist, but the team will no longer put energy behind it. With the Timeful website guiding users to export their data, it looks like the writing's on the wall. So much for that Android beta.