Happy Monday AP readers! What's this, you're not happy!? A bad case of the Monday blues? Well, had you been listening to some sweet tunes this morning while you were getting ready for work, you might be in a better mood now. If you need an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker to jam out with while you brush your teeth and shave your face (or legs, or back, or whatever else you shave), then you should check out this deal.

GOgroove has their BlueSYNC BX portable speaker on sale through May 8th on Amazon for only $19.99 after a $10 off coupon code. That's the lowest the price has ever been. The little speaker is a multimedia powerhouse and offers three different ways to listen to your music – Bluetooth, a flash drive loaded with MP3s, or an AUX cable.


Some other nifty features include one touch NFC pairing, replaceable batteries ($7.99 on Amazon), and onboard playback controls. The unit has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, where users praise the device for its big sound and portability. The only negatives I could pick out were the relatively short battery life of 4-6 hours and some issues with sound distortion above 90 percent volume. All in all, it looks like a pretty solid little speaker for the money and its compact size would make it a great bedside or bathroom counter music player.

The BlueSYNC BX is available in two colors – a metallic gray or an artificial wood grain. To add the discount just follow the link and apply the coupon code BLUESYNK at checkout. It's important to note that the code will only work when purchasing the speaker through seller 2nd Street Electronics, so make sure they are the ones listed when you add the product to your cart. Nothing cures the Monday blues like a little online shopping. You're welcome.

The initial listing we linked to sold out, but a new one popped up for the same price. We've updated the post with a working link and the new coupon.