One thing that I've always found annoying about notification management on Android Wear is that dismissal is generally handled in bulk. If an app is serving you multiple notifications, like Inbox, for example, you can't go through each of those messages and dismiss them individually. Nope, you can either dismiss all of them or none of them (unless you use a specific action that subsequently dismisses the card, eg, "Done").

Android Wear 5.1 appears to have addressed this in some apps, with the Inbox, Hangouts, and Calendar apps on Wear now allowing you to dismiss single cards from a larger stack, instead of having to swipe them away en masse. See the clip below for this feature in action.

As I suggested, it doesn't work with all apps - Gmail, for example, still dismisses multiple cards in a stack in bulk in Android Wear 5.1. This suggests developers have to implement some kind of functionality or flags into their apps for the feature to work properly, though we don't have any specifics on that end.

We know this is a feature specific to Wear 5.1 because these apps do not behave this way in older versions of Wear. I've also personally considered the old behavior a major annoyance for as long as I've had a Wear device, so I noticed this change almost immediately when I started using the new LG Watch Urbane, which runs Wear 5.1 out of the box.