App discovery on Android Wear isn't outstanding to start with, but one thing that always rubbed me the wrong way was just how blissfully unaware you could be that an app you had installed on your Android smartphone also installed a Wear mini-app on your watch. With Android Wear 5.1, you'll live in ignorance no longer: every time a new Wear app is installed on your watch, it'll serve up a notification letting you know, just like the one above (this is also true for watch faces).

Is it a small feature? Absolutely. But it's one of those things you're happy to have when you do, and might not even know you miss when you don't. It's also a nice surprise when you go to download an app for your phone that you may not know works with Android Wear. With the new notifications, it'll be a lot harder for such functionality to go unnoticed. Granted, it still doesn't tell you when they're uninstalled, and it's no replacement if you want a more robust Wear app management system like Wear App Manager.

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