Yesterday owners of the year-old HTC One Mini 2 were unhappy to learn that the phone won't be getting an Android 5.0 upgrade, despite HTC's promise that all One series devices were slated for OTA updates for at least two years. To the shock of absolutely no one, HTC has also confirmed that the original One Mini (released in the summer of 2013, after the first One flagship) won't be upgraded to Lollipop. The news came from the official HTC Twitter account.

While stiffing the original One Mini is a bit more understandable - it's only a little less than two years old for the international version, which is about where big manufacturers tend to drop off major support - it's still no less discouraging for users. Between this pair of put-downs for owners of smaller, cheaper phones, and the considerable delay for upgrades of even flagship devices, customers who value speedy and reliable updates will probably look elsewhere for their next Android phone purchase. Vote with your dollars, folks.