Meerkat integrates with your Twitter account to let you stream live video to the world (or at least anyone who clicks on your feed). If you've been waiting to play around with the service, or this idea just sounds invigorating to you, Meerkat is now exiting its invite-only beta and opening itself up to everyone on Google Play.

I hopped into the app long enough to watch a truck driver talk about his route and what he's hauling, see some guy chat really quickly in front of a computer, and start my own brief stream of a Chromebook sitting atop a desk. The top of the screen shows you which user runs the feed, and comments pop up along the bottom. So far, so good.

Periscope, the live-streaming app that Twitter bought a couple months ago, may be looming over the horizon, but Meerkat has made it to Android first. That gives it time to grab some users and make friends with a lovable warthog. Maybe it and Periscope will even find a way to co-exist down the line. Hakuna matata.

The app was not found in the store. :-(