LG just released an interesting new Wear app that allows you to initiate calls on your phone from the watch UI. Does that sound like something you want? Well, you probably can't have it because LG Call is only for the new Watch Urbane. If only LG had made that more clear, the reviews would be less vitriolic.

When you read the description, it sounds like LG Call is for all LG Wear devices like the G Watch R and original G Watch. "LG Call for android wear is a companion app which is work with LG android wear device. You can enjoy Recent call, Favorite contact and Dial pad from your LG Android Wear device." See? However, a few lines later it says, "Supports: Android OS 4.3 above (Paired with LG Watch Urbane)."

2015-05-01 11_02_19-LG Call for Android Wear - Android Apps on Google Play

People are not pleased and are currently blasting the app in reviews. It seems like a lot of them installed the app expecting it to work, only to find out it's only for the Urbane. LG Call is sitting at 1.6 stars as of this post. There's really no reason this app shouldn't work on the G Watch R at least—the hardware is almost identical to the Urbane. Hopefully LG feels appropriately bad about what it did.

LG Call for Android Wear
LG Call for Android Wear
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