Repeating a promotion offered last year, T-Mobile is giving a big gift to their baseball fan subscribers. MLB's excellent At Bat app has pretty desirable premium features, but they come at a steep price of $20. For T-Mobile subscribers, those premium features are going to be free.

The way it works is that you will have to download the app from T-Mobile's mobile network and complete the sign-up process. Once the app has recognized that you're a subscriber, the premium features should show up for free and you will have no restrictions through the end of the season. About those paid features, they include:

  • Free streaming of's free game of the day
  • Live pitch tracking and play-by-play
  • Free streaming audio for home and away broadcasts, even in market
  • Watching video highlights during and after games


If you are an Premium subscriber, this deal is redundant, but who is to complain about something that is free? Baseball fans will really appreciate the live play-by-play, which I sometimes have open even while watching on TV. I like to see the pitch location, speed, and type, for instance. The radio broadcasts are very useful when traveling or looking for some nice background noise.

Not to compliment T-Mobile and MLB too much, though, let's remember the deal starts May 1. That is a month into the season, so they were very happy to get anxious fans to buy a subscription before the deal started. Still, like I said before, something is better than nothing.

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