When HTC released the latest in the One series, the biggest change was the 20MP camera. And while we have covered some of the ways that camera hasn't exactly delivered, HTC has continued sending updates to their new flagship with improvements. The latest of these is not a firmware update, but rather an update to the camera app through the Play Store. It brings raw support, something HTC promised when they announced the phone. Ability to access raw files could potentially salvage the camera if some of the issues we've seen are the effect of poor post-processing.

While the update is focused on the M9, other HTC phones aren't entirely left in the dust. Here's the changelog:

  • Raw Camera mode, only available on the HTC One M9
  • Crop-Me-In mode, only available on the HTC One (M8 EYE) running Android 5.0 Lollipop and the HTC Desire EYE
  • Adjustable divider in Split Capture mode
  • Add and remove camera modes

EYE experience devices get some love as well, along with other enhancements that aren't worth exploring in great detail. With raw support for the M9, though, third parties can start using the files to potentially deliver better results. Enthusiasts can also tinker with the files themselves, but that won't appeal to the mass market of course.

Either way, this probably isn't the last we've seen of HTC's continual march towards making the highlight feature of the M9 better.

HTC Camera
HTC Camera
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