There's a new Marvel movie coming out tomorrow in the US. You may have heard about it - it's kind of a big deal. So what better time for a developer to release a new game featuring as many Marvel (comics, not movies) characters as possible. You've got to have something to do while you ignore the repeating video ad for Dave's Discount Family Insurance that plays before the trailers start up, right?

Marvel Future Fight, a free-to-play beat-em-up featuring more comic book characters than a jaded movie blogger can remember, has actually been out for a little over a month in a limited-market soft launch. It's a competent if uninspired brawler: sit through a couple of minutes of text exposition, pick three collectable heroes, then send them out to beat the crap out of anything that moves. You can swap between your three active Marvel characters at will and activate combo moves, though all of them basically boil down to different snazzy special attacks. Two control schemes, a single-tap, Diablo-style interface and a more direct d-pad/button combo, are available.

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The usual free-to-play trappings are present: endless semi-random character collections, currency-based upgrades, a refilling power meter, and tons and tons of social hooks and timed promotions. If that sort of thing annoys you, your time would be better-spent elsewhere. But a free romp through Marvel's massive continuity should please comic book fans (talkative Inhuman Black Bolt shows up in the intro mission), even if there isn't much to see in terms of story or multiplayer.

MARVEL Future Fight
MARVEL Future Fight
Developer: Netmarble
Price: Free+